Pros and Cons Of Getting A Penthouse In Dubai

Pros and Cons Of Getting A Penthouse In Dubai

Most investors in Dubai choose to get their hands on Penthouses. Penthouses are popular for investment purposes for a variety of reasons, but these benefits aren’t just restricted to investments as these Penthouses for sale in Dubai can be one of the best assets you’ll get for yourself. As exceptional as they seem, you still need to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

For a vast majority of people, owning penthouses signifies having the best place in town. Ranging from luxurious features to brilliant sights, your living place will genuinely make you feel like you’re living the best life. On that note, it must also be noted that any residential place comes with their shortcomings as well, and therefore there are so many things to consider.

Here we have compiled some pros and cons of getting a penthouse for yourself in Dubai.


  1. Tranquility

There’s no place that can offer the kind of peace you’ll get while living in a penthouse. The residents living here experience almost no interruptions and disturbances as they enjoy supreme level of privacy and quality night’s rest. While living in your high place, you’ll be free from all traffic noise, barking dogs, shouting and screaming, or any other annoyances. Some penthouses even offer lifts for exclusive accessibility to the floor allowing you to have complete separation from people living in your neighborhood.

  1. Roomy and Bright

Since penthouses are situated at the top of buildings, they get a lot of light, and mostly they have quite spacious structures in designs that enable you live in greater flexibility. Having all this light coming in through your windows means you won’t have to spend a lot on artificial lighting and ultimately you’ll consume less electricity.

  1. Strategic Location

Penthouses are located on top of buildings and are most strategically places structures. They offer a lot of great benefits that you won’t find in other residences. You’ll be able to access all the best views of the city, have greater sunlight exposure, enjoy cool winds in the night and morning along with other luxurious amenities. Penthouses usually sell like hot cakes because they attract a lot of wealthy communities in Dubai who look to raise their standard of living. Since these penthouses are considered as crowns of a building, you’ll be able to sell your property at a fairly high price.


  1. Problems With Open-Air Areas

Most of the penthouses come with open-air area and roof accessibility. That being said, open-air places are associated with upkeep problems that most other houses don’t have. One such problem is that your garden area will suffer from very strong winds and intense temperatures, especially in summer months.

  1. Rooftop Accessibility

As penthouses are located at the top of any building, they cover the entire floor area. This means that penthouses are the only entry spot for the building staff and development upkeep to get on the rooftop. Consequently, the owner of the penthouse will have to give accessibility whenever required, and this will obviously have an impact on their privacy. Therefore, you will have to take this into account that you’ll have to give accessibility whenever an upkeep problem arises on your rooftop or for routine maintenance like glass windows cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Increased Exposure To Climatic Conditions

Living on the top level of a building means that you will certainly be more prone to, or affected by, climatic conditions such as the rain, winds, and thunderstorms. You will be more prone to face leakages due to rain on the roof.

There are numerous and benefits of living in a penthouse. However, every good thing comes with its negatives as well and therefore you’ll have to go through some cons in the penthouse as well.

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