Modern architecture requires technology and design that a random mind cannot think of. Dubai, a city that was once a desert, is now considered to be the hub of huge buildings and malls. There are places liked Emaar Beachfront, Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab which are the attractions of Dubai. Its buildings with their super-structures and height touching the sky are prime examples of modern technology and architecture. In fact, Dubai is the part of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates that formed in 1971.

The main exports of Dubai are Crude oil, natural gas, Dried fish, and dates.

The city which was once nothing but just a desert, with hard work and proper dedication this is the result where now the city lies among the list of best places in the world to visit.

Here are some of the reasons behind Dubai’s Evolution:


The evolution of Dubai’s architecture started in 1979 with the construction of the Dubai World Trade Centre. The building broke the pillars of old traditional buildings and new designs and techniques were applied to give it an aesthetic look.

Before 1979, just like everywhere else in the world, the architecture was influenced by the tradition of the city in Dubai. The architecture and construction in Dubai were limited, due to a lack of material, the building method, and design ideas.

The architecture is evolving day by day from the time when there were domes, pyramids, and arches to huge buildings with glasses. Everything got different over time.

The nature of buildings was once not paying attention to the aesthetics but now it is more focused to make it aesthetic and a sign to remember. Now architects use more advanced technology and high-tech designs to create something more than just a structure.


The architectural styles have changed in these recent years. The architecture used to be traditional but now Dubai’s architecture is more focused on innovation and exterior looks.

The structure is made of simple material, where the structure is made up of concrete and glass. In Dubai, most of the taller buildings are for residential purposes and very few of them are for commercial work.

The construction of buildings in Dubai has now changed after the green building regulations and specifications issued by the Dubai municipality, it became compulsory to use non-toxic, emission-free materials.

These new laws have made it easier to add eco-friendly developments. For example, Al Barari villa is designed to integrate solar panels and to recycle organic waste. The buildings in Dubai silicon oasis are made with green roof-tops to make the environment healthy and more friendly.


Burj Khalifa has become the symbol of Dubai. It is the world’s tallest building with a display of modern architecture and technology. It was built in 2008. It has a height of 2,722 ft.

The reason behind making this wonder was to design the symbol of Dubai – it is unique and a symbol of progress. The design is inspired by Islamic architecture. The cross-sections of the building are made in such a way to avoid the vibrations from the wind. At the very top of the building, there is a 660-foot high steel spiral, which is equipped with communication material.


There is not only Burj Khalifa in Dubai to be wondered about but also many great architectures. Here are some examples of that.

The Burj Al Arab – it is sail-shaped and is a very well-known Dubai-skyscraper. It is located near Jumeirah Beach.

Marina 101 – this building is 1400 ft high. It is another wonder of architecture.

Princess tower – it is a residential skyscraper, it is 1,358 ft tall and is considered to be one of the tallest residential buildings.

23 Marina – the building is 1,289 ft high. This is also located at Dubai Marina, Just another skyscraper at Dubai Marina.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel – it is situated on the Dubai coastline, it is not that high-rise, but the unique shape of the building which is wave-shaped that makes it special.

Dubai is no wonder an amazing city in the world, the way it progressed and evolved is just amazing. The evolution of architecture has changed the city totally, with having such great architecture as Madinat Jumeirah Living, Marina 101, and Burj Al Arab no wonder why Dubai is considered to be the hub of tall buildings. Dubai is a perfect example of hard work and dedication.